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For an exclusive handmade leather collar you are at our right place!

We, Miranda and Anja, make leather collars for all dog breeds in our own workshop. On this site you can find our range. We have as you can see different product lines. The collars can be ordered in different widths. The standard sizes of the collars are 3.8cm, 4.3cm, 5.0cm and 5.5cm. Extra wide collars are also included in our range.

To keep the collar beautiful for years, we recommend wearing these collars only when walking and regularly taking them off with a damp cloth. To keep the leather beautiful, you can grease it with leather fat.

If you have any special wishes, we would like to look at the possibilities together with you.

For questions or more information we can be reached by email via info@halsbanden.com and by telephone number 06-39558661, preferably via WhatsApp

Have fun on our site!

Miranda & Anja